About Us

Marine Ecotour aboard Kurni-Ku, Ningaloo ReefCoral Bay Ecotours was established in 1994, with its subsequent successes based on the principles of forward-thinking, innovation and sustainable practices. We are a fully accredited tourism business of Australia; an adventure tour company working within the realms of the magnificent Ningaloo Reef, which was announced Ningaloo Coast World Heritage in June 2011.

We run two custom built vessels, one being a glass bottom boat and a second, bigger boat for our full day Marine Ecotour (Wildlife/Manta Ray Tour). Not to forget Whale Shark Tours, which we have acquired a license for and proudly commenced tours starting with the 2012 season. With the addition of the Whale Shark Tours, Coral Bay Ecotours is one of the most diverse tour companies in Coral Bay, offering a great range of tours designed specifically for you.

Our mission statement

Our first client is the Ningaloo Reef, its surrounds, its ecology, its inhabitants, and their on-going welfare. Our second client is every visitor to Coral Bay, their holiday expectations, their holiday experiences, and their welfare. The appropriate interaction of our two clients will ensure maximum benefit to both.

Traditional land owners

The Baiyungu Aboriginal People are the traditional custodians of the region surrounding Coral Bay. The Baiyungu Aboriginal Tribal Elders named our Glass Bottom Boat Nhanya-Ku in their dialect, meaning “gaze upon” as a reference to its large glass panels. Our second vessel, Kurni-Ku, means, "to seek.” We are very grateful to be able to offer tours with the approval of the traditional land owners.

Ningaloo Reef Coral Bay Western AustraliaZero Climate impact with Coral Bay Ecotours

We are the first Carbon Neutral Tourism Company on the Ningaloo Reef and Western Australia! This means zero climate impact for our business and our guests on tour. We obtained NoCo2 Certification through the Carbon Reduction Institute. This means no climate impact for our business and our customers.

You can offset your desired tour for only two dollars to help the environment and keep the precious Ningaloo Reef the way it is.

Every purchase goes back to the Carbon Reduction Institute to fund new infrastructure based projects that save greenhouse gas emissions and displace common-place polluting alternatives. Examples of these include renewable energy power plants, energy efficiency installations and methane capture projects.

For more information visit the Low Carbon site.

We are proud to be the only 100% carbon neutral tour company on the Ningaloo Reef.