Reef Experience and Humpback Whale in water interaction August 2017 to November 2017 - Enquires Welcome!!



Enquire now about the 2nd year of the Humpback In-water Interaction trial for 2017!

For the first time ever on the Ningaloo Reef! The Department of Parks and Wildlife have granted special licenses for a select few tour companies, including Coral Bay Ecotours! 

These new licenses provide guests the opportunity for an in water interaction with humpback whales began 1st August in 2016 and may continue in 2017.

Coral Bay Ecotours are very excited to be part of this new trial.  Join us to observe humpback whales in their natural environment.   If conditions are safe, and we are able to do so, guests may be able to experience an in water interaction with these majestic animals as well!

Humpback whale season in Coral Bay begins in June and runs through to November.  During this time it is estimated around 22,000 whales pass through Ningaloo Reef on their annual migration, sometimes stopping to rest, shelter, and play in the calm waters of Coral Bay.  

We are dealing with Mother Nature and animal behaiviour.  Therefore opportunities will vary from day to day.  Nothing in nature is guaranteed, however every effort will be made to ensure you have an amazing day out.  For each tour there is 10 swimming spots available.

Once our trained crew deems it is safe to do so, swimming guests will be placed in the water at a safe distance from the animals (between 50 and 150 meters) either from the side or in front of the whales path.  It is then all up to the whales and each interaction will be on their terms.  Humpback whales can be curious and may approach swimmers, or they simply may pass by.  An in water interaction is defined as being in the water within the exclusive contact zone.

There is no refund and no repeat offered.  

We cannot emphasize enough that this opportunity will be an extremely rare privilege for all concerned, and at all times the safety of passengers and the welfare of the whales will be our main concerns. This will inevitably mean that in-water interactions will not be possible every time we wish it, but only when conditions allow. And when it does……. WOW!

The spacious vessel, Kai Aura, has roomy downstairs and upstairs areas, luxurious interior, 360 degree visibility from the wheelhouse and 24 inch flat screen TV with DVD player, comforts that make your day.

The tour is around 6 - 7 hours in length, with times varying dependent on whale behaviour.  We will provide you with delicious food throughout the day. All snorkeling equipment and wetsuit is included!

The day will begin with a beautiful reef experience snorkel where you may encounter turtles, reef sharks, stingrays or octopus!  We then make our way out to the open ocean to observe the whales in their playground. 

To ensure you have a fantastic day, we highly recommend guests have excellent swimming and snorkeling abilities. It is an open ocean swim, therefore experience is necessary for your enjoyment and to minimize the whales' disturbance.

Please choose your tours wisely as cancelation and transfer fees apply.

Please visit our terms & conditions page for full details.

Whale Interaction Tour: License K. Bailye HQ69375WSC


Please note, there is no discount for children, seniors or family swimmers.  Observer swimmers may swim during our reef experience snorkels but cannot have an in water interaction with the humpback whales. 


Adult Observer Child Observer Senior Observer Family Observer
$165 $130 $150 $490

If you wish to upgrade to a swimmer from an observer whilst on tour, and there is space, payment will be taken before returning from the tour.  Please ensure you have the correct change prior to departure as there are no eftpos facilities on board.

All Swimmer Child* Senior* Family*
$270 n/a n/a n/a

*This tour is considered an advanced snorkeling tour.

**Children (under 6 yrs, not wanting an in water whale experience) are free of charge.

***no discount is given for seniors, children or families for in water interaction guests.

****No refund and no repeats given.


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Marine Ecotour 10% discount

Glass Bottom Boat 15% discount (excluding the sunset tour)

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Coral Bay Ecotours (Established in 1994) is proud to be the only 100% accredited carbon neutral marine tour company in Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef.


We are proud to be the only 100% carbon neutral tour company on the Ningaloo Reef.