Terms & Conditions

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD), including GST, and are subject to change without notice. 

Tour type and times can be affected by tidal variations; are weather dependent and approximate and subject to change by the tour provider without notice. The type of vehicle/vessel described in a tour is a guide only.  Vesssels may be substituted from time to time;  maximum passenger numbers for any tour may vary from time to time. Tour itineraries may vary from those published.

Please advise if you do not want your image used on Coral Bay Ecotours social media pages.

Minimum numbers are required for each tour to commence, but are not required by any one booking. In the event of minimum tour numbers preventing the tour’s departure, Coral Bay Ecotours will transfer the passenger to another tour, or refund the tour cost in full if a transfer is not possible.

Coral Bay Ecotours reserve the right to delete, cancel or alter tours without notice or explanation. Refunds or alternative tours will be offered. This could be caused by road or weather conditions, strikes or any other unforeseen reason. Additional expense will be at the passenger's cost. Travel insurance is highly recommended to cover for cossts incurred.

Should the booking be cancelled by the passenger for any reason (e.g. deposit not paid, or non full payment processed) the original costs are no longer firm and costs may  change when re-booked.

The following conditions apply In the event of a booking cancellation by the client,

  • More than 4 days' notice - 25% fee applies.
  • Less than 4 days' notice - 100% fee applies

If you wish to transfer your tour to another day through no fault of CBE and;

  • More than 48 hours notice - No Fee
  • Less than 48 hours notice - 25% Fee

Coral Bay Ecotours reserves the right to refuse entry into the water to anyone whom the skipper believes does not have the required swimming ability, is a potential danger to either themselves or other guests or crew, or who has transgressed tour rules and conditions (to be advised prior to tour departure).

It is highly recommended that guests on a whale shark tour or a humpback whale interaction tour have good swimming ability. 

All minors are to be accompanied by parents or guardians at all times, who are entirely responsible for their care. Children may not be left unattended on the boat or in the water at any time.

Child Passengers are defined as between 6 - 16 years old or younger at the time of the tour.

Children 5 years adn under at the time of tour are Free Of Charge,except swimming with whale sharks or getting in the water with the whales.

Wildlife is, by its very nature, 'wild' and are free spirits to exist without constraints of their behaviour, therefore no guarantee of sightings are made.  Coral Bay Ecotours will not allow entry into the water with any animal if we feel our presence in water will disturb or alter their natural behaviour.

Coral Bay Ecotours is not responsible for loss or damage of luggage or personal effects and equipment.

Coral Bay Ecotours is not responsible for injury or death during embarkation, carriage or disembarkation from any vehicle or vessel.

Coral Bay Ecotours strongly recommends you insure against cancellation, loss of deposits, cancellation fees, baggage and medical expenses.


Whale Shark Tour - Non-Sighting

Non-sighting repeat tour vouchers apply for whale shark swimmers ONLY; repeat vouchers do not include Observer or Free Of Charge (non-swimming) passengers.

In the event of a non-sighting each swimmer is entitled to only ONE of the following:

A swimming place on the next available CONFIRMED whale shark tour; OR

A 2 year voucher valid from date of tour which can be used on a CONFIRMED whale shark tour: OR

A Marine Ecotour on the next available CONFIRMED tour; OR

2 glass bottom boat tours on any of the next available CONFIRMED tours.

No refunds or discounts are offered.

Confirmed tour is defined as the tour having reached minimum paying passenger numbers.  Repeat passengers are NOT included in minimum numbers.

Repeat spaces are limited in number per tour.  Repeat swimming places on a confirmed tour will be allocated in booking order from the non sighting day, for example the guests that booked first on the non sighting day will be allocated a place first on the next available tour.

Non-sighting repeat vouchers are only valid for ONE REPEAT TOUR ONLY for each individual swimmer on that tour and are not transferrable to other parties.

In the event that the repeat tour is also a non-sighting day, all repeat vouchers used on that day are deemed exhausted.

Option 1 - A spot on the next available confirmed tour –

Spots on the next available and confirmed tour for which places are available. Spots for return tours will be offered to customers in the order of bookings taken for the day of the non-sighting.

Option 2 - A two year voucher valid from date of tour:

The non-sighting repeat voucher is valid from the date of the tour for 2 years, however, government fees apply for non-sighting repeat tour tickets used for subsequent seasons or years.

Option 3 – A free Marine Ecotour on the next available confirmed tour

Spots on the next available confirmed Marine Ecotour for which places are available. Spots for return tours will be offered to customers in the order of bookings taken for the day of the non-sighting

Option 4 - 2 glass bottom boat tours on any the next available confirmed tours

Tours available are

1 hour Coral Viewing tour

2 hour Coral Viewing and Snorkelling Tour

3 hour Turtle EcoTour


Wildlife Tours

In the event that whale shark sightings are lessened, whale shark tours may be changed to wildlife tours, where the cost of the tour is decreased.  Wildlife tours do not include a free repeat tour in the event of a non sighting.

Humpback Whale Tour - In Water Experience

Any guest that joins the in water humpback whale experience must be good and confident swimmers.

DPaW considers all guests who enter the water in the vicinity of the humpback whales to be in water experience guests, and shall be charged this rate, regardless of the visibility or whether the swimmer observes a whale whilst they are in the water.

Explanatory Notes For In Water Interactions with Humpback Whales.

In-water Humpback Whale interaction tour is defined as any tour where a Passenger enters the water in any of the contact zones  (as per In Water Whale Interaction Tour Zones diagram below)

An In-water Humpback Whale interaction swimmer is defined as any Passenger who undertakes or attempts to undertake an in-water interaction with a humpback whale during the tour operation. That is, any person who attempts to or enters the water, whether or not a whale is seen from in-water.

Observer is defined as  Passengers who are not humpback whale interaction swimmers.

Swimming with a whale is defined as being within the white zone 30 m away from the whale.


The Licensee shall ensure that Swimmers (including staff and videographer) do not approach closer than 30m from any humpback whale

The Licensee shall ensure no free-diving occurs with whales.

Free-diving means underwater diving or swimming without the use of any artificial breathing device, in which a swimmer must hold their breath under water until re-surfacing for air.

The Licensee shall ensure swimmers and crew (including a permitted videographer /photographer associated with a licensed operator) do not undertake flash photography or use any artificial light sources (strobes or continuous lights), or cameras on extension poles for underwater photography during humpback whale interactions.

The licensee shall not allow any client or employee to touch any whale.

The Operator shall limit In-water Humpback Whale interactions to snorkelling only. SCUBA diving or any type of compressed air diving during humpback whale interactions is strictly prohibited.

The Operator shall only use or allow on-board, a videographer, who is not an employee, agent or contractor of the Operator, who has lawful authority by way of a commercial operations licence to conduct this activity in the park who has permission from DPaW.

That is, no personal videography permitted without a DPaW license.

Prior to boarding all passengers are should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the tour.

Observers may upgrade to swimmer status while on tour if there is an available space ONLY.  Credit card authorization has been provided to Coral Bay Ecotours' office prior to boarding and only if there are not more than 10 guests already booked as in water guests for that tour. Upgrade authorizations will not be accepted from another company, eg. booking agent.  Cash payment is required for upgrades from guests before the tour returns to the jetty, otherwise credit cards will be debited the difference upon return to the office.

We are proud to be the only 100% carbon neutral tour company on the Ningaloo Reef.