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Manta rays are one of the largest species of ray to inhabit the ocean and are truly amazing to encounter. Their pectoral fins have evolved into wide triangular ‘wings’, which they use to propel themselves smoothly through the open ocean. The species of manta ray that visits Coral Bay can have a wingspan of up to 4 metres.

Swimming with manta rays is not dangerous as manta rays do not share the stingray’s trait of a barbed tail or ‘stinger’ and are harmless to humans.

This full day action packed marine ecotour adventure includes wet suits and snorkel equipment, fantastic food (morning tea, full lunch and afternoon snacks), drinks (coffee, tea, milo and cordial).

The highlight of this fantastic marine ecotour is the opportunity to swim with the awe inspiring manta ray, which the professional Eco tours staff will endeavour to deliver, in what has become almost a daily event in Coral Bay on the Ningaloo Reef. Why not embrace this opportunity to go snorkelling in Coral Bay with one of  the largest winged creatures that inhabit our ocean?

Our Ultimate Wildlife Experience - an amazing day on board our state-of-the-art eco tour vessel, Kurni-Ku, with its large upper deck viewing area makes it perfect for observing the tropical reef and all of its inhabitants. On this six to seven hour adventure you have the opportunity to snorkel on the magnificent Ningaloo coral reef, seeing hundreds of types of reef fish and exciting aquatic life such as reef sharks, turtles, giant clams and octopus. The unique shallow draft allows us to get to the very best snorkelling sites that the spectacular Ningaloo Reef has to offer!

Other marine mammals that may be encountered but not snorkelled with due to strict conservation efforts might include dolphins, dugongs and humpback whales (seasonal).

This tour in search of Manta Rays and other marine life is offered daily. While sightings cannot be guaranteed, research involvement allows us to expect to enjoy Manta Rays, Turtles and Reef sharks most days of the year.

Please advise if you do not want your image used from our tour on our social media.

We Provide: Lunch, morning and afternoon tea, all snorkel equipment including spring suits (shorty wetsuit), fresh drinking water, tea, coffee and toilet.


What you need to bring: Towel, hat, sunscreen, swimsuit, water bottle, warm clothing.

Ecotour:  License K. Bailye HQ68969CB

A basic swimming ability is required to join this tour as an interaction swimmer. This tour is recommended for experienced swimmers. For Child/Infant policy please check the Terms & Condition below.

Child passengers are defined as being an age of 6 years old to 16 years old. 17 year old passengers are defined as adults. Family prices refer to 2 adults and 2 children between 6 and 16 years old. Children 5 years and under at the time of tour are Free of Charge (FOC) EXCEPT when swimming with whale sharks, manta rays or humpback whales. In these cases, the child will be charged at child prices. All minors must be accompanied by parents or guardians AT ALL TIMES who are entirely responsible for their care. Children must not be left unattended by parents or guardians on any tour boat or whilst in the water at any time.

swim with Manta Rays


We take our guests out on our eco-vessel all-year-round for manta ray tours. Coral Bay Ecotours’ boat Kurni Ku is specifically designed for shallow water cruising and wildlife interactions and is run by our fully qualified team, who also give informative talks on the wildlife seen from the boat. Its name comes from the Yamatji languages of the Baiyungu people (the traditional Australian occupants of the beautiful Exmouth, Coral Bay and Ningaloo region) and means ‘to seek’, though you won’t have to look very hard to find something amazing. On top of this, our guests are often able to see many other inquisitive marine animals such as turtles, reef sharks, and dolphins on this tour.


With their mesmerising movement and curious nature, manta rays delight visitors every year. Coral Bay Ecotours’ manta ray tours are available on a near-daily basis, so why not book one and give yourself the experience of a lifetime? Otherwise, the manta ray is just one of the many stunning sea creatures Australia is lucky enough to host, and if you’re interested in any of our other packages like swimming with humpback whales or glass bottom boat tours, contact us through our website, email, or call (8) 9942 5885.

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