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Enjoy a leisurely cruise in style on board our spacious multi-level boat Thunder. Sit back, relax and take in the sights and scenery as we travel the short journey to the whales' playground.

The Humpback whales migrate through Coral Bay from June to October every year. Visit these incredible and inquisitive mammals in their natural environment playing, tail-slapping, breaching, waving and slapping massive pectoral fins, rolling and even sleeping! Because the local waters are a safe haven for migrating whales, we regularly see resting mothers and calves as they frolic in the calm waters of Bateman's Bay. Not only can you see the iconic Humpback whales, but we also often encounter many other marine animals like turtles, dolphins, dugongs and other whale species such as Minke's, Southern rights, even Orca's throughout the trip.

The tour departs runs for three hours. Our friendly and knowledgeable crew will look after you throughout the tour,  offering information about the Ningaloo Reef and its marine life. One complimentary champagne and finger food is provided and you can also byo.

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