Whale Watching and Swimming Tours

Whale Watching

See the magnificent Humpback Whales and other wildlife in style aboard our luxury catamaran, Kai-Aura.   Join us for our new 2016 humpack interaction tour.  Contact us to find our more.  Terms and conditions apply.

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Marine Ecotour

Our Ultimate Wildlife Experience - an amazing day on board our state-of-the-art eco tour vessel, Kurni-Ku.

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Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Nhanya-Ku, is perfect for taking you over the beautiful and untouched coral formations found in the lagoon reef.

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Whale Shark Tour

Coral Bay is one of the only places in the world to actually be able to swim with the whale sharks.

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Coral Bay Ecotours

There are certain experiences that can be guaranteed to remain in the memory for a lifetime and it’s these very experiences that we specialise in. Without question, those who take the time to visit the West Coast of Australia should include one of our epic adventures on their itinerary, because when it comes to thrilling and inspiring visits to this glorious coastline, we certainly don’t disappoint. Specialising on the world famous, and World Heritage listed, Ningaloo Reef, we have a range of adventures available that provides an even broader range of appeal and if it’s life changing experiences that people are looking for, we’re more than happy to oblige. From trips in glass bottom boats to inspirational Whale Shark Tours, we can introduce one and all to the magic of the Ningaloo Reef and one thing’s for sure; those who partake on our ocean based adventures will take glorious memories away with them.

Adventures on a grand scale

Our boats adventures  give people the chance to snorkel with some of the ocean’s most awe inspiring creatures, and experience the breath-taking Australian coast, a trip to the West Coast really isn’t complete until one of our tours is a part of the equation and indeed, those who join one of our manta ray tours (Marine Ecotour) are sure to be inspired on many different levels. Offering fully equipped vessels with a fantastic team of dedicated professionals at the helm of things, the horizon broadening trips that we’ve carefully put together truly can take people into uncharted territory and indeed, for those who have a spirit for adventure, our trips are an inspired choice. The opportunity to swim with a whale shark is an experience that should never be missed out on and thanks to us, the chance to see these magnificent creatures at close quarters is now a reality.

About Coral Bay Eco Tours

Coral Bay Ecotours was established in 1994, with its subsequent successes based on the principles of forward-thinking, innovation and sustainable practices. We are a fully accredited tourism business of Australia; an adventure tour company working within the realms of the magnificent Ningaloo Reef, which has been announced Ningaloo Coast World Heritage in June 2011..

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Coral Bay Region

Coral Bay, Western Australia

Coral Bay is approximately 1100km north of Perth, 250km north of Carnarvon, 550km south of Karratha and 150km south of Exmouth.

By car, the journey from Perth takes between 12 and 14 hours. But allow 2 days so you don't have to drive after dark when there is more wildlife on the road.

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The Wildlife

The Ningaloo Reef Marine Park and land surrounding Coral Bay is teaming with wildlife above and below ocean. The diversity of wildlife found on the reef is amazing for its relatively small size. We get around 270 species of coral, 500 species of fish, marine turtles, and dugong. Manta rays are a unique feature of...

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 The best day out ever! Barrelling manta rays, turtles, dugongs, amazing snorkelling, great food & crew.

The Western family from Melbourne (Marine Ecotour)

Great team! Very informative, good mix of snorkelling, info, sighting and food. Thanks for your great spirit guys!

Lina (Marine Ecotour)

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We are proud to be the only 100% carbon neutral tour company on the Ningaloo Reef.